Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 20...January 2, 2014 part 1

Day 20...Today we arrived to first meet Elder Schwitzer. He was the doctor that helped us while we were in Tahiti to double check the procedures the doctors in Tahiti were doing on Morgan. The Tahiti doctors did great but we loved that Elder Schwitzer was over seeing everything. It was so nice to meet him. He has first hand experience with Morgan's case because his son had a similar situation while serving his mission. He also gave great advise that really calmed me. When we got into Morgan's room she was very agitated. The only thing she could even concentrate on was the fact she was restrained and had a feeding tube again. She was not happy and was pretty miserable. They did take her into surgery a day early for her collar bone. She still hasn't returned to the room which was almost five hours ago. Grams and pops are here to keep us company and also troys brother Kyle came and we had lunch with him. It was fun to visit. I don't think anything different will be happening today. It's a good day for surgery she can just sleep and hopefully have a better day tomorrow.

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