Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 78...March , 2014

Day 78.....I deleted my post from yesterday. Not entirely on purpose but I am glad it is gone. I read it and it sounded like I was whining and that's not what I was trying to get across. . One day I hope we look back a can laugh about some of the things we have had to overcome. I hope we laugh and say how grateful we are that it is all behind us. These little nuances that keep popping up that we are having to deal with everyday....and seriously they are things that you would never even guess that we have to face... Are just that, little nuances. We very easily could have been on a different path right now and I am grateful for this one we are on. Morgan is happy. We are working on helping her to make goals. Short term goals that she will be able to accomplish quickly so that she can see where hard work pays off. She is always playing jokes. It's kind of funny because when she was in high school I would tell her to live a little, go have fun, do something crazy...not to crazy.. She worked hard on high school and was very busy. She accomplished a lot but back then I thought she needed to relax a bit. Well, the time has now come. She laughs a lot and enjoys having fun. Of course she gets tired of her situation and has moments but generally she is in good spirits. Well, off to grocery shop...Morgan wrote my French. She thinks its hilarious and it is:)

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