Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 8

Finally an update!!
We haven't been able to see Morgan so we don't know how she did over the night. But, we usually try to send a email about 11:00 and we don't think we will be able to today I I will give you the latest. When we left yesterday Morgan was primarily moving her right side. Nothing on the left. They said the opposite side of the brain injury usually is effected more than the other. I remember learning that years ago but couldn't remember how that worked. Her brain pressure is okay. From what the nurse says its normal. She is trying to wake up so of course it's higher. She is still heavily sedated, not as much, because they are gradually taking it off but still is. So I assume they will take more off today. What I see as a concern now is her blood pressure and the amount of edema she has. We just need to get her moving. She will soon. When we left last night Morgan was starting to move that left side. More flinches and trying to squeeze. It made me feel good to see that. So I am cautiously optimistic for today. I learned very quickly that this is a slow process and not to expect her to see us walk in and sit up in the bed and show us those beautiful eyes.....I secretly wished that was going to be the case yesterday...but knew it wouldn't, but still hoped. It's good though. She is moving along and that is what we want. The Warner's let us do laundry and Skype the kids and grams last night at their place. They are a wonderful couple!! This is their third mission. They all have been in remote islands. One I believe is manuwatu. That is probably spelled wrong. But in the summers they have a Alaskan fishing place called Doc Warner's. For years they would just camp on their land and run a fishing place before their buildings were built. The point is that prepared them for these missions where conveniences are really not there. Talking with them also made me realize the importance of couple missionaries. So so important. Their are so many more missionaries now and the couple help so much. So much!!!! They take care of them very well, with patience. It's like they are all their children. That has been amazing to see while here. How things are done. Great, great, people watching over our children. I will email late. We got a call last night and the couple Morgan and sister Moli taught are getting married today during the time we have to leave Morgan anyway to take her for tests etc. so they asked us to go. We love you all!!!!

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