Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update from Surgery

We just spoke with the Doctor and everything went really well.  The bone flap was in good condition and he was able to use it.  The doctor in Tahiti took the piece off  by using three little drill holes around the perimeter and one hole in the center of the piece.  So the neurosurgeon just covered the hole in the middle and fastened it in place with titanium plates in the three spots.  He said it fit perfectly.  It's all great news!  She will be transferred to the critical care unit where they will watch her carefully.  Usually the brain will start to swell again after surgeries like this and so they will keep an eye on her. The plan is a CT scan tomorrow and they will also look at the blood clot to see if it is still there.  Hopefully it will be gone.  But if not, it will give us an idea of how it is looking anyway.  All good news.  They are saying about three days here.  But, we will take it day by day.  The surgery could not have gone better!:)

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  1. It is all good news....such a miraculous recovery! So glad all is going this well....my love to you all!


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