Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 95.....surgery day and she is doing great!

Morgan had a great day.  The nurses in ICU were commenting in how easy of a patient she is.  She is happy and not in a lot of pain at all.  She is up walking and talking. The neurosurgeon came in and said that she was doing fantastic and if she is doing this well tomorrow they may just send her home.  I panicked a little when I heard that:) If she needs to stay one more night it will be ok.  But we will see how she is tomorrow.  I trust the doctors and what they say.  They are doing scans in the morning...Like at 3:00-4:00 in the morning,  It is good to have them done before the doctors do their rounds in the morning .  I just thought it was a funny time to do them.  She has to return to have her staples out in ten days..there are a lot of staples.  And then returns for a checkup in one month.  Originally the doctor said she would go back again two months after that but she may not even need to do that.  It just depends on the next couple weeks and how she is doing.  She will start strong with PT and ST next week.  She will see her rehab doctor the same time as her one month appointment.  Maybe by that time she will be cleared to drive which I know she will be so happy about.  So a lot can happen in a month.  We really hope she takes a year and just concentrates on herself.  Figuring out what she wants to do, clearing her mind and just continue to heal.  She has been through a lot and we feel it's important for her to take this time for her to figure some things out.  As always if returning to her mission is part of that we will support her 100%.  We love her so much!  She is a trooper and a great example to us all.  Tomorrow when she goes for a walk we are going to head up to the rehab floor and visit her friends. I did see my friend Gayle in the lobby tonight.  Her husband is still on the rehab floor but he has made so much progress.  It was so good to see her and give her a big hug!  I can tell you I won't miss this place but really it is bitter sweet.  We have met so many new friends that have made a huge impact in our lives.  Some we have met but some we haven't...yet:). Thanks to you all!  Oh, I must say Kenzi may be very disappointed when Morgan returns home and won't need her injections anymore.  Kenzi was begging Morgan to be able to give her her shots and Morgan finally gave in and Kenz gave it to her and LOVED it.  Hopefully Morgan will not need them after tomorrow.  Sorry Kenz:)

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