Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 17...December 29, 2014

I am heading to the airport and thought I would send one last email from Tahiti. I can not believe it is finally time come home. It seems like forever since we got here but the time went so fast. Morgan had a few more visitors. Soeur Moli and Soeur Urling. They are new companions. Soeur Urling is a good friend of Morgan from the days at the MTC. Morgan loved seeing them. They came at the perfect time which was In between pain meds so she was pretty alert. Soeur Urling was holding her hand and Morgan decided she wanted a thumb war. It was pretty funny. Then Morgan started to sign and Soeur Moli and Urling were trying to figure out what she was saying. Margot and I were laughing because listening to them was like a bunch of cute girls having fun together. They were telling her to slow down and then Morgan was just throwing out letters. I told Margot that Morgan was probably just messing with them. She really wasn't trying to spell any words. Then Soeur Moli says "rid? Are you spelling rid?" And Morgan shakes her head yes and Soeur Moli says to her "are you trying to get rid of us?" And Morgan smiles and shakes her head yes. It was funny!! She was exhausted after that visit and we quickly learn it doesn't take much to wear her out. So we just let her rest. But one more thing. Isabella was going to try and feed her jello. Isabella decided she wanted to give Morgan a selection of food to choose from...she is so so she is feeding Morgan and Morgan takes her right hand..the mobile one..and tries to grab it. So Isabella puts the jello in her left hand and gives Morgan the spoon. She totally fed herself no problem. Everyone came running they were so excited and they were saying "magnificent " and "super" "champion". It was awesome! Tears were flowing. They call Morgan their "ray of sunshine". The doctors can not believe her progress. They tell us they have never seen anything like it. Her prognosis two weeks ago were very grim and now we have no reason to believe she won't recover fully with a lot of work and prayers. We are seeing changes and it gives us every reason to hope.

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