Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 15...December 27, 2014

We are getting very close to an end of updates from Tahiti!!
Morgan was doing much better breathing last night. They have her a breathing treatment and it helped a lot. She didn't communicate with us at all. She is on a lot of pain meds. Sister Warner said last night that she was sure Morgan mouthed "ok" I am going with it. Travel plans changed a bit. I fly out tomorrow night arriving Sunday late afternoon. Morgan leaves Sunday evening arriving Monday afternoon, Troy flies commercial after Morgan is gone and arrives two hours after Morgan. The plane is to small for another passenger so Troy will see her off and I will be here when she lands. It's a good plan and can hardly wait to be is the USA!!! We received an explanation of her pelvis injury. I guess what happened is her femur went up into her pelvis and crushed it. So it's a reconstruction surgery. I liked it better when they told me it was a broken tailbone. But there is a doctor is salt lake that knows how to fix this and has been informed of everything. It is on her right side which is her mobile side. So that needs to be fixed in order to rehab her left side which is more or less silent. I can't wait to see her today!! I love her so much and hate to leave her at night. We are busy packing her things, our things, making final arrangements etc. a new group of missionaries come in this weekend too. So everyone is so so busy. I will update when I see her again. Have a good day.

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