Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 8 - Part 3

Here's another:
Today Morgan has seemed agitated. I guess that's good because she is trying to wake up. She is moving both legs and arms but not fingers on left side. It just may take time. Her right hand has a pretty good grip but nothing on the left. They haven't lowered any more meds, in fact they added one for her blood pressure. It is very high. But better with meds. I guess we just wait and see what tomorrow brings. I am not sure exactly what the night nurses did to help Morgan last night but we will be dropping by and different times of the day and night to see exactly. I am doing my best to keep my cool on that one. But I think if they know we are there, the care at night might be better. It better be or I am camping out. We went to the wedding of couple that Morgan and sister Moli taught. What wonderful people!! We met ward members and that teenage boy they ran with in the morning. He said they would wake him up early and make him run and he would tell them "no, no" but they made him. He is a fun kid. Chan would get along with him great! He is their neighbor. We saw where the accident happened. That's all I have to say about that. Their house is truly awesome. Right on the beach. It was so great to meet those people!! Of course we went back to the hospital and there were a slew of people there to see her. So I play host and charades. I am a pro at charades. You should have seen me try to explain that we were going to a wedding in Maraa....i am sure it's a sight and the French nurses and doctors are probably laughing. It even included me singing the wedding march song. That did it though, they knew what I was talking about. Well, back to the hospital. They kicked us out for 40 minutes and that time is about up. Thank you so much again for the prayers and those who are checking in on my mom:). Merry Christmas to you all!

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