Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 31... January 13, 2014

Day 31....hello was another good day for Morgan. We arrived this morning and she had already started her physical therapy. She was practicing using her walker and the PT was very happy with how strong she was. She also hit a balloon back and forth with Avery while she stood on one leg so they could work on her balance. She was pretty peppy this morning. And good news she ate 100 calories this morning for breakfast. It's better then the 0 calories she has been getting these last couple days but it isn't going to cut it. Marcia is back as her tech and we love, love, love her!!! She needs a raise. We hate to see her have a day off but really she works so hard she deserves all her days off. But lucky for us she was here today and will be there tomorrow. Morgan did awesome with her speech therapy. All of their story problems, reading comp were pretty easy for her. They had to leave and get a different book that was harder. And seriously, I couldn't concentrate enough to figure them out. For lunch sweet Marcia gave Morgan a voucher to go downstairs to the cafeteria and eat lunch with us. We are hoping she would see something that would make her want to eat. She picked some Moroccan salad with tofu but ended up eating half of chandlers turkey sandwhich. Whatever it takes!!! She had speech again and was pretty tired at the end of her 30 minutes. She had a 30 minute break before another round of PT but was tired and in pain when PT rolled around so it was pretty difficult for her. The kids helped her and encouraged her on and she finished strong. She got a pain pill and took a much needed nap. She was able to answer today how she got in the hospital and when she doesn't know a answer to a question she is recognizing more that she doesn't know and answers with " I don't know, my skull is in my stomach" her sense of humor is awesome!! So is very pleasant and kind and always tells anyone who does anything for her, whether she likes what they are doing or not, "thank you". She is so sweet. There is a man in rehab who had a stroke who is always cheering her on. There is another lady who had a stoke whose husband is by her side everyday. I see these people and I love them! I love them for taking the time to encourage Morgan and I see the love these elderly couples have with each other and how they would do anything for their spouse. It's true love and its awesome. I really makes me appreciate Troy and know that he would do the same for me....I am not wishing to be in that situation ever in my life but I never thought I would be in this one. You just deal with what is handed to you in this life but it is nice to know I can depend on Troy to be with me throughout it all!! That is a blessing!! Tomorrow the doctors and therapists get together for a pow wow about Morgan. I am anxious to hear what they have to say and what the game plan is. Thanks again for meals!! They help so much!!

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