Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day60... February 11,2014

Day 60...I have no idea where the last sixty days have gone! Tonight a cute group of Young Women came by with a huge "heart attack" poster. It had such thoughtful messages. She loved it. Thank you again so much! Today I had a thought to call the neurosurgeons office to see if they have heard anything from insurance for approval for Morgan's surgery. They haven't and she said sometimes it can take up to two weeks to get the approval. I made the comment that I didn't her to have to wait until March for her surgery and she said "well he is booked out until March 18th anyway". Ugh!!! Are you kidding me! I asked her if we can schedule Morgan now because by march 18th the insurance would have approved it. It is over a month away. So she did. I also asked if she could put her on a cancellation list. You know like when you really need your hair done and your hair person is booked out so they call you if there is a cancellation. How many people cancel their brain surgery? I would guess not very many. And really how do you shop around for a new brain surgeon? I am going to try and then re-evaluate what we have to work with. I am at a loss today. Thanks again to those cute girls and leaders for visiting. Good timing and also to my sister and her husband for stopping by. Nice to visit with them. Morgan had speech again today. Audrey is so great with Morgan! She is added to my list of people I will always hold in my heart forever. Such kind people helping Morgan and taking care of her. Soeur Mann, a fellow missionary with Morgan who is from Hyde Park, gave us a nice card while in Tahiti. It had the quote "Everything works out in the end. If it's not worked out, then it's not the end." I think about that often. Soeur Mann comes home tomorrow. Welcome Home!
Thanks for letting us be inspired by Morgan.

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