Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day...I have no idea!:)

I just finished transferring all of my Facebook updates over to Morgan's blog.  I apologize if some of you just received a LOT of email updates.:/ I will just update on her blog now.  Morgan is progressing more and more everyday.  Her spirits are great and today she actually got out of the house for a bit with a couple friends that did not include any family members.  I think the words out of her mouth when she practically ran out the door were "good riddance"  We all burst out laughing! She was loving that bit of freedom.  I am excited for her to be able to have more of that soon.  I was talking yesterday with a friend.  We were talking about our kids and how when they get older it is difficult because for 18 years we are there for everything and love being there for everything.  But by nature they are wanting independence and it's hard to adjust to that.  When Morgan was on her mission we definatly became closer as a mother and daughter every week with our short, little email chats.  I loved Mondays and made sure I didn't have any meetings scheduled and didn't answer any phone calls while I knew there would be a chance her email alert would come through.  I loved, loved Mondays!  I loved how independent she was and how hard she worked.  Nothing was going to get in her way of helping and teaching the people of Tahiti the gospel.  I think like all parents we look at the potential our kids have and what a positive difference they can make in this crazy world.  I was excited for Morgan and her future.  When Troy and I arrivied in Tahiti and met with the neurosurgen that first day.  What we heard was she had a thirty percent chance of survival and if she does survive we didn't know what kind of quality of life she would have.  For a minute I thought that we may be Morgan's constant companions throughout her life.  Of course we would do anything she needs but  I thought "oh man, there is so much more for her then that." Well, three months later and she is doing fabulous.  My thinking is a bit different now.  I look at my kids and I feel a little sad they are growing up but excited for their future and am grateful for everyday and every moment I have with them.  I will always be here for my kids.  And I know that as they get older my role as a mom is different and I will be here cheering them on every day!  Through and good and the not so good.


  1. Thanks for the updates. My son s in the MTC now and leaves for Tahiti in less than 2 weeks. As I wanted to get more of a feel for the mission there I found a few blogs to follow a few months ago and this was one of those. I have followed Sister Taylor and wondered over the last several weeks about how she was doing and remembered her in my prayers. I am so glad that she is doing better and continuing to improve. I hope that this all continues and that she is able to fully enjoy her life and many opportunities moving forward. Whatever they may be. :)

    1. Kelly, how exciting for your son and family! I can honestly say your son is going to be taken care of very well! The mission president is so great and the couple missionaries are so amazing and the Tahitian people are so loving. Good luck to him! Who knows maybe in a few months Morgan will return. Thanks for the kind words.

    2. Hi Kelly, My daughter is heading to Tahiti on Monday.For sure with your son.I too have been following Morgan and have been keeping up with her journey.Kellie do you know of a missionary mom group for Tahiti.I am following some missionaries but would really like to belong to a group that we can share stories.Marcie it is great to see Morgan doing so well.She is a miracle. Kathryn


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