Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 6 part 2

Here us the latest!! What a great day!! Prayers are being answered!!
Bless you Margo! We have a new team of nurses for the next two days. The first name came in and said " do you speak French " in French of course. We said no, and she said " it's ok we can speak English. My name is Margo". Wow! Happiness just filled me! She said " she is doing good today, we will taper off medicine". Then another nurses "Isabella" came who speaks French but is happy, and friendly. So, so glad. So for the next two days Margo and Isabella will be watching Morgan during the day. The doctor is a happy one too. I showed them the photo of Morg. They all loved it!! We are off to a good start. They just cut her meds to half. Oh this day! We will be praying all day...I will update more when I have more info. It is 8:00am here. And out meeting is at 12:00.

It is 11:30 and we just spoke with Dr. Ouarda Krid, they had us leave about 1 1/2 hours ago and were working with her. They said she is moving a bit and they asked her to squeeze their hand and she did. Great news!! She is still under a lot of sedation but when we go in there she said to talk to her and ask simple questions. Not a lot but more interaction with her. She even brought up transport for her to the US. Holy cow! I am not getting to excited but the fact she brought that up is great news. She will have to be transported via a medical plane with ventilator until she gets here. The trip is just so long. She said the end of next week but this is so early we don't plan for much. She just wanted us to figure out the way so when she is ready the paperwork and everything is in order. It's been a good morning! We haven't seen her yet and it may be we won't until after our meeting.

Ok meeting over. The plan as of now is to take her off the rest of the meds that are keeping her asleep until tomorrow. That is if everything goes ok. They want to do a tracheotomy on her on Monday because they don't want her on a vent longer then 10 days. The Docs. In salt lake said to not be to hasty and to see how she is. They are meeting Monday morning again to review and see if its needed. The French doctors say its standard here and for transport to the states it would be safer. The doctors in salt lake said, we will evaluate then. I appreciate the French doctors for being so cautious but appreciate the salt lake doctors for just doing what needs to be done and not over doing it. It's a good day!

We just left, it is 7:00 here. Morgan had a special visitor. Soeur Moli. I know why Morgan loves her so much. She is darling. She went in and spoke to Morgan along with Soeur Li who was Morgan's trainer. I walked out with them to get a photo, I am taking photos of everyone I can and Morgan had a tear run down her face. And also tried to raise her hand. Today was a good day. I am so grateful. I know I keep saying that but I am. Happy birthday to McCall tomorrow!!!!!! Love you Calli!!
On a side note, we have lizards in our hotel...just sayin:)
Love you all!!!!

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