Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 42...January 24, 2014

Day 42...Morgan is adjusting to home very well other then the temperature. She is constantly freezing!:) When she isn't wearing her helmet for safety she is wearing a beanie. She went to therapy yesterday. After speech and PT she was wiped out so we rescheduled OT for next week. I really don't think she will end up doing much OT. Speech for her memory, impulsiveness, and organization will be a big one. PT will be more important once she can put weight on her leg. We are laughing all the time. Yesterday was our first mother/daughter outing just the two of us. It was fun and funny. She knows more about what is going on then I do:). We were getting out of the car and she said "mom, don't you think you should turn off the car?" Then we would laugh. She is doing great. Today we finally met Karla. She knows exactly what we have been going through plus I think more. I have been emailing her over the last few weeks and her emails have helped and comforted us more than she will know. What an amazing and strong person. I hope she doesn't mind me saying but her son was serving a mission and was also hit by a vehicle, a bus I believe. She literally lives just a couple miles from us. What are the chances that two missionaries living so close would have to endure the same trial. They both do have opposite things to over come. and they are overcoming them. I truly believe that as missionaries they are blessed and will have extraordinary lives. The brain is amazing, amazing! We are looking forward to one day meeting her son. Their story really shows that you can overcome anything! We were talking about how all of a sudden life gets put in perspective. The day to day things you worry about all of a sudden do not mean anything. We are talking about this as I have clothes half folded all over the living room floor. I told her usually I would worry and apologize for the mess but I really don't care to much about it right now:) i could apologize but I really don't feel bad about it. Eventually the clothes will get put away and probably more clothes will replace them.
So, when people find out about Morgan they always say to me "what a terrible phone call to receive". Yep, it was...and this is how it was about 11:30p.m. I was in bed, Troy was not. The phone rang and I thought it was Chandler calling to let us know he was on his way home from his debate meet. The caller ID said unknown name so I was a little puzzled. On the other end was Morgans mission president, President Sinjoux. He said that Morgan was is an accident. I thought maybe Morgan finally came down with Zika which is effecting the majority of the people in Tahiti. It's a virus transferred from mosquito bites. Morgan had not got it yet. But then the word accident sunk in. I asked him if she was ok and he said "No". He said she was riding her bike with her companion and was hit by a car and they were doing a scan on her as we speak. He said "you need to pray now and fast for her now, call everyone you know and have them pray for her". I asked him if we needed to come down and he said "yes, you need to come". After that I was pretty much numb and everything seemed so foggy and Troy took over the phone. We called our parents and they called our extended family and the prayers began. The mission president was so good to call and let us know everything going on. He called after her scan and said they need to do emergency surgery right now. I am not sure who all was with him at the hospital but they were with Morgan and said a prayer for her while we were on the phone and they were on speaker. After their prayer Troy also said one. That was a pretty amazing moment. It was like we were there with her. He called again after the surgery and let us know she was stable. We all sat on our sofa most of the night not saying a word. We finally put the kids to bed and I was up trying to find flights out. Troy was telling me to wait until the morning to see what we needed to do. At 7:00 I wanted to start calling the bishop and stake president but worried about calling so early. I thought all night that the only people who knew what was going on was the mission president and us. I was so wrong!! About 8:10 we received a call from the stake president and then everything just took off from there. There were people all night in Salt Lake, New Zealand, Tahiti helping Morgan and making sure she was getting the best treatment and care. Seriously, it was eye opening how well everything was run. I thought that no one else knew. I was so wrong. So that is how we "found out" we have told Morgan about it a few times and it still surprises her. It still stuns us. But where we are now compared to 6 weeks ago is incredible.

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