Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 48... January 30, 2014

Day 48...So last night Morgan actually remembered something on her own. She was so excited. It's strange to try and figure how this whole lack of memories works. We show her photos, read letters and journals. I figured that she would remember whatever she reads or we show her but I don't think it works exactly like that. Last night was different. She did it on her own and she says she still remembers today. I am excited for her. We have been waiting for something like this to happen. Morgan is very pleasant, happy and content. She has not been sad, or anything like that. I would say her emotions are pretty even kill. She laughs a lot. The girlies and Chan make sure of that:). But last night she was excited and that is an emotion we haven't really seen. It was so good to see. So another first...Morgan had speech today and it was "try to stump Morgan" hour. She was very quick. Audrey said she is using the most difficult things on her. She is great. Morgan skull in her abdomen is bothering her more. She thinks it has shifted. I will be glad when that thing is back where it belongs. Her appointment is in one week. I am looking forward to that one. We are ready to get all surgeries behind us. Morgan has made a lot of progress but remembering something on her own is a big step I know she won't ever more thing....write in a journal. You will never know when you will need it. It's not just for your great great grand kids to read when you are not around. We are grateful Morgan is an amazing writer and story teller. She wrote so many details and its great for her to read.

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