Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 19...January 1, 2014

We have officially almost made it through day 19. Today when we walked in Morgan's room she had a new belt around her waist. I asked her if she tried to get out of bed and she said "yes". So she is now "stuck" as she puts it and tries to have anyone get her out. She says "pretty please" and says she will make them a treat if they take the restraints off. I am to the point that i just say no but when someone new comes in she does everything she can to make them feel guilty. Fresh meat. She is playing them very well. she also had Maggie come in who is a physical therapist. I wish she could stay with Morgan throughout her therapy. She was very good. She had Morgan sitting for 9 minutes and stood for about 3 seconds. Progress. Morgan also graduated out of Shock Trauma ICU. She now is in a room that has a "sitter" who sits outside her room and watches her and the patient in the other room. She also had a lot of family members come see her. She loved it but was pretty wound up at the end. The therapist made sure we knew that Morgan needs absolute quiet time with no stimulation. Whenever she has a lot going on whether it be physical therapy or visitors she needs a couple hours of rest. Which includes no one in the room including us. She has a hard time turning off we can see that. Even if we think she is sleeping she still responds to people talking around her which isn't good. We will have to watch that. For now family are only able to visit but hopefully that can change in the near future. Morgan also is speaking a lot for only day two of speaking. It's mostly in French and Tahitian and a little English. She seems to have a lot to say. She also is teaching me French. I ask her what a word is and she will tell me. We will head back down tomorrow and then surgery Friday. We hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and day. McCall was very disappointed in our parting abilities New Year's Eve but, we will be better next year!!

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