Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day19...December 31, 2014

Morgan Taylor is here safe and sound!! The flight was "uneventful" and she is sleeping soundly. She looks great!! Today they will be doing scans and tests etc. and forming a plan. It's great to have her here!

 Ok, you won't believe this because I still don't. My mom called while we were here in Morgan's room and spoke to Troy and Troy said "do you want to speak with Marcie?" And was handing me the phone and Morgan held her hand up like she wanted to talk on it so I gave it to her and she says "Hi Gramsy"I still can't believe it. It shocked my mom and when I got the phone she is in tears on the other end. She also said "grape" when asked what kind of juice she wanted.

  Me again...we are calling it a day. We did not have much sleep last night because I was up tracking Morgan's flight and probably wouldn't have slept anyway. So we need to get a fresh start. It's been a day of great news but there is so much progress that needs to be made and if I think about it it gets very overwhelming. That's how I know sleep will help. So first, she speaking. It doesn't all make sense bet hey, it's happening. Most of it is French. Which cracks me up because I struggle so much with that language. The nurse is always saying "are you speaking French again? I only understand English" then she will repeat in English...sometimes, it depends on her mood. They were asking her questions and her body language is hilarious. They asked her "is your mom in this room" and she shakes her head yes. Then she asks "where is she?" Then she got this patronizing look on her face and pointed to me without even looking. The nurse said "oh, you are going to be fun!" So she spent the days doing scans, X-rays etc. the neurologist said its all going to take time to recover. She still has a lot of swelling and they won't be replacing her "brain flap" -strange name- for a couple months at least. But really who knows because Morgan is not going with the crowd on this one (go figure:) she is carving her own path. The nurses and doctors here are saying they can't believe how well she is doing and that the doctors is Tahiti saved her life by removing the skull. She can hear, see, speak, memory is difficult, and the day to day stuff lately is selective. We hope that will change when as she heals. The physical part we know needs work but we don't know the extent. So here is the other big news. We have heard about this back, femur, hip, pelvis break since the beginning. Well the orthopedic looked at her X-rays and says there is no need to have surgery. Where the breaks are, they are not on a spot that will cause problems when applying a lot of pressure and have already shown a lot of regenerating and looks fine. Seriously, we were elated!! But, her collar bone is really messed up and needs to be fixed with surgery. So only a collar bone surgery for now!! Hurray!! They estimate rehab to be a month or two at least...but we will see. We also found out there are other skull fractures but again, it will just take time. The kids saw her today. As much as we tried to prepare them they had a rough time at first. It was emotional and has been all day. But Morgan has been funny with them, trying to get each of them to remove her arm restraint. I play the bad guy explaining over and over they can't and she gives me a look I have seen many times before. I ask her if I am bugging her and she says "yes" yeah, I'm ok with it. Because I love her so much and I know she loves me. I was sitting with her and she took her hand and rubbed my arm and the look she gave me, I know she is grateful we are there. Happy New Year everyone!!! It's going to be an eventful one that's for sure!!

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