Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 35...January 18, 2014

Day 35....there is so much to say today, I hope I remember it all. I decided I need to be doing all of Morgan's brain tests and games because right now I would fail:) the Morning started off pretty slow for her. She was sleeping when I got there and she didn't want to get up. She didn't eat breakfast, again. With some coaxing she was up and had OT. They did a test on her cognitive thinking. The results estimated that Morgan would need 30% help with......I don't know something. What I really heard was.......not much. Tests by lacing some leather, ok:). I get the therapists need an idea of how she is doing so they know what to help her with. But for me, lets keep on trying. I do love her OT by they way, they are great!! After was lunch. She ate really well. We were sitting there and she had a surprise visitor. It was Elder Cannon and his mom from her mission. I actually met Elder Cannon while we were there. He is Morgan's Zone Leader and was one of the elders who gave Morgan a blessing right when she was hit and followed her ambulance to the hospital. He was able to put some pieces together for us about Morgan's accident. Anyway, I don't know if it was Morgan seeing someone familiar from her mission or what but right after things changed with her. She was making more sense and asking legitimate questions. She was eating, drinking, and realizing she needed to. PT was a breeze and she surpassed all goals without a complaint or reminder to not use her hurt leg. It was really amazing. She had visitors tonight and really carried on conversations with them. She really was like herself. Another thing, Morgan wouldn't wear her glasses. They made her sick. The OT decided to do a vision screening one her. She was reading with her right eye and she read it perfectly. Morgan has pretty bad eye sight. I was shocked! The left eye still was pretty bad. I immediately called Troy because I thought for sure maybe the accident restored her eyesight in her right eye. Well, Morgan ended up having a contact in that right eye. At least since Dec. 13!!! She has been telling us this but we just told her she didn't. But she did! So she took it out and now her glasses work great! Anyway Morgan is really back to being Morgan. She had her feeding tube removed tonight. She is officially tube free all around. She counted her needle marks in her arms and counted 42. I hope tomorrow morning is the same as tonight. I pray for that!! She is amazing!! Right when we heard about Morgan being hit. We have been praying. From the beginning Troy has always prayed for a quick and full recovery. When I first heard him pray for that I was taken back a bit because I was praying for her just to live. I couldn't imagine her having a full recovery. But then I thought "why not?" ...that's Morgan's favorite saying right now...I knew The Lords hand would be in all things and that his will would be done. I was content with that but why not pray for a full recovery. I knew whatever was to happen I would get through it...umm really you have to...but after tonight and seeing Morgan, it's amazing. She is amazing!! I am excited for Troy to see her in the morning. He hasn't been there for three days and I know he is going to be surprised. I am trying not to get to excited. I want to be cautious because that brain is a delicate amazing thing. Who knows what it is going to do, but today was beyond great!! I am praying for tomorrow to be the same. If it is.....I will have no words....I probably will but it will be so great!:). Good night!

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