Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 33...January 15, 2014

Day 33.....writing early today. I am sitting with Morgan now while she sleeps. I am tired and don't have a lot to say. Pretty sure her calories will not be met today. She seemed a little more confused today during her speech therapy. She was awesome during PT and made green smoothies for occupational therapy. She did that very well. She couldn't really drink any because she is on coumadin for her blood clot. To be honest she wouldn't have drank it either. She had a couple visitors that really made her happy. That was good to see today. Sometimes it's exhausting to try and be so positive. Some days you just need to end it and start new tomorrow. This really is like an endurance race that never ends. You get over one hurdle and you focus so hard on the next one thinking if you can just get past it things will be better, and then you do get past it and something else just as hard is there to greet you. I wish we could add up the hurdles so we can cross each one off once we are finished so we know when the end is here. Like Morg with her PT,its so hard for her when she gets to the end of the hall on her walker. I count how many steps she has left to take and then she can rest. I wish I could figure out how many more hurdles are left so we know when it is the end! Patience is what I am learning. I think I have said that before. I know we all have things to overcome and I am not saying this trial is any harder then anyone else. I am positive many of you have something more difficult to get through. I think any trial we are faced with is difficult for us, hence the word "trial". But, I wish I was better conditioned for this. Ok, done. I will leave with the words from Morgan's mouth " The Sound of Music sounds prettier in French". I agree:).

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