Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 14...December 26, 2014

Tuesday is the big day!!
When we came in to see Morgan we were so excited to see her vent GONE!!! She looks great! I am trying to be strong listening to her breathing. You can tell its difficult for her. I just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be better. Sister Warner said she told Morgan she would see her later and Morgan tried to say OK through her oxygen mask. So hopefully there is some verbal communication there. Time will tell. Right now it is taking everything she has to breathe. We try not to disturb her and just let her rest. She is still pretty out of it. All great news!! Oh, we came in and Traction is off. I guess she won. . Or Sister Warner said maybe they realized it wasn't working. I will be glad when everything is repaired and let the healing begin. So far there hasn't been any change as far as when we are leaving. If that changes I will let you know. I am glad she will have a few days here without the vent. She had that for a long time and needs to get use to it being gone. Will update later. Good day!

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