Friday, June 8, 2012

The Continuation: A Dramatic Tale

Part II

Obviously the young girl made it home alive.

But, alas, the tragic tale happened a second time on the way to the gas station earlier the next day.  Thankfully, the little big brother of the girl was nearby, with a nice gas can and filled up the humble vehicle.  All was well once she hit the gas station and used her hard-earned tip money to fill a whole three gallons into the car.  All was well.

The End.

I've been in this extremely dramatic mood lately. (As you can tell by my writing)  It's quite fun.  There's so much to say, but everything I want to say should have it's own post dedicated to it.  But, that's not going to happen.

It's Friday! (friday, gotta get down on friday, party and party. . .)  Now that that's stuck in your head, it's technically Saturday.  Yup.  I worked another closing at the beautiful Sno Shack, and then purchased a delicious peanut butter peanut butter cup shake.  (It was a pretty dang rough day, that's my comfort food.)

But! My friend Josh.  The nice Josh.  Not to be confused with the Josh that took me to Senior Ball.  I'm just going to rename both of them right now.  The Senior Ball Josh is now Funnion.  The nice Josh who I hung out with Graduation Night is N.J.  (Nice Josh, until I get more creative).  

BUUUT! Back to my story.  N.J. showed up at the Sno Shack tonight!  Ah.  I was pretty happy to see him.  He's just one of those guys if you're having a crappy day and he smiles at you everything is better.  It was a very nice surprise.

Then I worked some more.  I found out a girl I work with, Anna, is going to Snow too!! YAY! I have a friend down there.  She's a music major, which is very cool to me.  We're going to party.  Expect more about her.

Then, right as we were closing, at 10:57 people showed up.  I was so mad.  But, I put on my happy face, made a mess, pulled out a new block of ice, and did my job.

That was my day in a nut shell.

I also went longboarding.  I'm so glad it's summer!

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