Monday, June 11, 2012

Lovin' the Single's Ward

I rode a bullet bike today.  It was red.

I love the singles ward! Ah.

Hi.  I'm a tad excited about today.  (If you haven;t noticed yet.) I'm going to give you a break down of the day

9:02- Wake up.  Groan.
9:08- Get out of bed and drive Chandler to football practice
9:18 - Return home
9:20- Go back to sleep
10:00- Wake up.  Shower.
10:07- Go back to sleep.
10:14- Rush to pull hair back and put Casper's shirt on.
10:17- Drive to Casper's
10:30- Find out soft-serve machine is broken
11:20-Finally fix soft-serve machine
11:30-4:30- Work, eat ice cream, meet very nice people, meet very rude people
4:35-Drive to the Sno Shack by Hastings.
5-8:15- Work. Earn 7 bucks in tips. Gossip with Haylie. Plan Haylie's wedding.
8:16- Get text telling me to go to FHE
8:38- Go to FHE
8:39-10:20- Have the best Monday night ever!

So, I totally missed all of Family Home Evening.  That's okay, the after party was better anyways.  It doesn't even seem like that big of a deal as I actually think about what we did, but it IS a big deal.

One of the things I have been struggling the most with about college is finding new friends.  I'm stuck in the mentality that all of life is going to have the high school social hierarchy. Like, the Senior boy isn't going to want to talk to the Freshman girl (Haylie, you're excluded from this example.) The girls are all going to be mean.  Groups are going to be "exclusive."  If you aren't dressed the "right way" certain people aren't going to talk to you.

This is all false.

Tonight I FINALLY understood that everyone feels the way I'm feeling at one time or another.  And most people (I'm not going to generalize and say everyone) are going to be extremely friendly.  They know it's scary, and they want to make new friends.

What a novel concept.  People want to make NEW friends.  There go all the chocolate-milk sharing buddies from Kindergarten.

I had fun tonight.  I had a lot of fun tonight.  And honestly.  I only remember one person's name.  (It's Austin, btw, he's the one with the bike.  We went for a ride.)

There are always going to be outgoing, friendly people in the world.  No matter which college you go to.  There are even going to be nice girls and attractive, smart guys, in a place called Ephraim, Utah.

I understand now.  I can't wait for the adventure to begin.

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