Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Have Amazing Friends

There's ice cream in my ear.

And up my nose.

And in my hair.

And stuck to my eyelash.

I had an adventurous evening. (Say that out loud with a slight eyebrow raise and make sure to enunciate, don't you sound super cool?!  I enjoy it.)

Today was my first day off (besides Sundays) since graduation.  AHH!! I LOVED it.  So much in fact, I considered quitting one of my jobs.  But once I looked for a car I quickly got rid of that brilliant, beautiful, gorgeous, idea.

I slept, read, went to my sister's dance revue, and did one of my favorite things in the whole, wide world.

I had a Sonic chat.

Yup.  You go to Sonic, take 30 minutes to decide what you're going to eat, wait 15 for them to bring it to you, and you talk for another hour.  Best. Thing. EVER.

They're only really fun if you like the person you're talking to. Two hours in a non-moving car (sounds scandalous) would be realllllly awkward if you didn't want to be there.

I like Eric, so it was a very fun chat.  Sometimes I'm amazed at how well that kid knows me.  It's really scary sometimes.  It's so nice just to be able to sit there and just talk to someone about anything.  He's one of the few people that can actually get me to talk, it's one of his best qualities if I do say so myself.

Except.  Tonight he started an ice cream war in his car.  I told him to smell the peanut butter shake (it was peanut buttery) and he managed to get some of the whipped cream on his nose.  Then he (for some odd reason) got even closer to the cup and got even more whipped cream all over.  Silly boy.  He then had to attack an innocent bystander (me) and A) rub ice cream all over my face and hair B) squirt water at me.

But don't worry.  I totally won the fight.  I have ninja skills when it comes to smearing ice cream.  Watch out.

(This ice cream is really not coming out of my ear.)

In 66 days this isn't going to happen as often. . .  But I'm determined to make sure it'll happen.  When I put my mind to something it always happens.  There will be more Sonic chats with this kid.

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