Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Tragedy of the Senior Trip and Summer

Today was a "Eh" sort of day.

I woke up, made eggs, mushrooms, ham and cheese, worked, watched last night's Bachelorette, talked to Jordin, and stressed.

I feel like I'm missing out this summer on a lot of things.  I didn't go nanny in D.C. because I wanted to spend my last months with the friends I may never see.  It's not working out so well.  I mentioned once, how anything I'm determined to do, will happen.  It's hard to catch up with old friends when they're working too, or never answer their phone.

Honestly, if it weren't for a few people, I would regret staying here so much.  Jordin is having the time of her life, and I'm working my guts out.

But, I wouldn't trade anything for the people who have stuck around.  This week is going to be rough.  I'm going to survive though.  (Be impressed, I'm posting this before midnight.  I went to be at ten tonight! How crazy is that?! I guess having your friends busy/or have no cell service has it's benefits.)

This Sunday/Monday/Tuesday is supposed to be my senior trip.  I have dreamed of having an epic senior trip ever since the fifth grade when my friend told everyone she was going to go to Spain.  Secretly, deep down I wished I was going to get a plane ticket to Peru for graduation .  That didn't happen.  (Surprise, surprise)

My friend Tyler and I were going to go down to Mexico and volunteer in an orphanage.  His new girlfriend had other plans.

My cross-country road trip was a failure.  Thank  you new girlfriends.

(I just need more single friends.)

I took matter into my own, capable hands.  I planned a weekend trip to my cabin.

(It's not a fancy cabin, I swear.  It was built 95 years ago and has red shag carpet.)

Out of the 12 people I talked to at the beginning all but one bailed.

Then I invited a friend I've missed.  She's been with her boyfriend a lot.  (See, more single friends needed.)

So.  My senior trip may not happen if I can't find some awesome men to come with so Max doesn't feel awkward. . .


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