Friday, June 15, 2012


I worked for 12.17 hours today.  Twelve hours.

I was so excited to get off work at 11 and hang out with Madi and our friend Kaesen.  (He lives 4 hours away and is in town this weekend.)

At 10:58, right before we close at 11, a group of EFY counselors showed up.

That would have been fine.  You know, whip out eight snow cones, we'd be done in 7 minutes tops.  Not quite.

They kept coming.  And coming. And coming.  They spent over 40 dollars on snow cones.

The shows you how many there were.

But think about how much money in tips we were going to make! YEAH!

They paid with a credit card.

No tips.

I didn't get out until 11:23, and I left Haylie and Anna to clean.  (I feel really bad about that.)

I cried.

I really, truly cried.

It has been a really long day.

(Yesterday was good!  I went to Summerfest with N.J. in-between jobs. It was a much needed break.  He's a great friend.)

But I was so excited to hang out with Madi and Kaesen, and I wasn't even supposed to work all night.  I was supposed toworkuntilnineandifIhadonlyworkeduntilninethenIcouldhavegoneonanadventruewithJoshbutIwastoonicetosaynoandneedmoneysoinsteadIendedthenightfustratedandcryingughImgladIhavethefriendsIdo.

Tomorrow will be much, much better.

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